Domestic longhair black cat
  • 1 Daily Visit € 14
  • 2 Daily Visits € 30
  • Per Night Stay € 40

About ME

Hoi! I'm Jemma, I'm a huge animal lover, but I have a special place in my heart for cats. I met my first furry best friend, Tizzy, when I was 8 and he was a few months old, and he was with me until he was 20. I now have one wonderful furry man called Barnet who is a Maine Coon. I live in central Amsterdam and I'm happy to ride out to where you are! I know how unnerving it can be leaving your little loved ones, and I can guarantee you can put your trust in me. I'll treat your kitty as if they were my own. On each visit I will cleaner their litter box, feed them and make sure they have plenty of water. And I'll of course play with them and give them as much love as I can. If you have any questions please ask :)

  • My Area 1012kv (3.0KM)

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  • 12 jun. 17

    Lucy B


    Highly Recommended

    Jemma was friendly, warm, and reliable. I felt completely comfortable knowing she was taking care of my Chop- an all round 5-star sitter. Thank you!

  • 12 mei 17




    Our experience with Jemma was great. Communication with her was clear and quick and we came home to a happy cat.

MY furry clients

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    1016 NE
  • Photo of Chops (8239)


    1016 NE
  • Photo of Barnet (7686)


    1012 KV
  • Photo of Baloo (7685)


    1082 LZ
  • Photo of Baloo (7684)


    1082 LZ
  • Photo of Baloo (7682)


    1082 LZ

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